Craft Killer Tweets With These Battle Tested Formats

The tweet formats in this article are more suited to the twitter accounts trying to build their personal brand. Having said that even business accounts can take inspiration from some these popular formats to get more engagement and to broaden their reach.   

There are days you don’t know what to tweet about anymore. You feel like everything has been said before by different people. You hardly get engagements on your tweets. You have a hard time crafting tweets, putting your idea effectively into 280 characters or less in the most efficient and engaging way possible. So here I am listing out popular tweet formats frequently used by some of the successful accounts on Twitter.

So next time when you have a tweet block, take inspiration from these tweet formats and examples. Use the format as is or tweak them as per your own style and taste and have fun with them. 

Before we look at the formats, let’s look at some content ideas for your tweets.

General Blueprint of Ideas For Your tweets

  • Tweets related to your Niche(What are you known for?/ What you want to be known for?)
  • Ask your followers how was their day.
  • Tell an incident that happened in your life.
  • What are you going to do today?
  • Talk about something that it is trending
  • If you are busy with something, let your followers know that you won’t be engaging today
  • Let your Followers know that you are a real person with flesh and blood. Show them your:
    • Weaknesses
    • Strengths
    • Wins
    • Loses
  • Celebrate your wins
    • You made a sale, share it.
    • You reached a milestone, share it,
    • You did 100 pushes,
    • You lost 20 pounds etc…  you get the point?

Now that you have some idea about the content for your tweets, it is time to look at some popular tweet formats.

So are you ready to craft killer tweets and blow up your engagement rate? Lets jump right in!

Good Morning

This morning tweet sets the pace for your day on twitter. The content can be any of the below:

  • How did you start your day
  • What are you going to do today
  • Some motivational quote
  • Particular songs that you listen to while you work out

Copy Format

Good Morning everyone

[Your morning routine]
[How did it make you feel]
[Wish your followers to have killer day]/
[Ask them about their morning routine]



@Caesar_vici has some killer morning tweets. It gets me motivated and going every time I see his tweets. On the right side you can see my own little twist. In the end I keep the tweet open ended by asking a question encouraging engagement.

What else?

You make a statement and list out certain things related to the statement you just made and then you ask your followers “What else” can you think of? or “What else” can you add?. You can deliberately leave out some obvious choices, so as to encourage engagement. 

Copy Format

[An Abstract/Concrete statement]

[List out things supporting the statement above]

What else?



“What else”
format can be very useful. For example I used the 2nd tweet to come up with this Blog article. A lot of these formats that I am presenting here came as reply to my tweet. How cool is that?

Unpopular opinion

This format is quite popular. I have seen majority of successful accounts using it. You make an obvious statement that many people would agree with but it has not been spoken yet publicly by anyone(or majority). 

Copy Format

Unpopular opinion

[Obvious statement]



The tweet on the right has a bit of a more flair to it. Try to have fun and tweak the format as per your own style and taste.

Wrong Answers Only

Ask a question(silly, serious, based on the current trend in your niche, general trend) where the answer is quite obvious.
A correct answer can be only one but when you say Wrong answers only, people tend to showcase their creativity and thus give you more engagement on your tweets.

Copy Format

[Question:Silly/Humorous/serious/current trend]?

Wrong answers only.



I don't Know Who Needs to Hear This

You start the tweet with “I don’t know who needs to hear this but…” then you make a statement. In most cases, this statement is a “wake up call” to whomsoever it applies to.

Copy Format

I don't know who needs to hear this but...

[Wake up call/Lesson]



Thank Me Later

This one is easy, provide some free value and end the tweet with Thank me later.  In some cases, it can be a joke.
If you have a hard time spotting or crafting tweets with sarcasm I recommend that you attend Sarcasm 101 by Chandler Bing (Google it).
Thank me later 😉

Copy Format

[Free Value/Sarcasm]

Thank me later.



That's It. That is the tweet

You make a simple, short statement. No need to explain it too much. End the tweet with That’s it, that is the tweet.

It does not quite work well if you put multiple long statements unless you use sarcasm.

Copy Format

[put a statement, don't explain too much]

That's it. That is the tweet!



You can see Charles Miller giving a little twist here at the end.

This Tweet is not About

Here you use metaphor to explain a complex thought/idea in simple terms. You craft the tweet explaining “Y” but in fact you are talking about “X”.

You end the tweet with This tweet is not about “Y”, hinting that it is in fact about “X”.

Below examples will make it clear for you.

Copy Format

[Metaphor to explain "X" using "Y"]

This tweet is not about [Y]




This format is quite obvious but very effective. Have a look at the examples below.

Copy Format


[Obvious statement]

How to Find More examples of these Tweet Formats

If you need more examples on these tweet formats, you can always search on Twitter. Use the advanced search options to search for the exact phrases like “Wrong answers only”, “Unpopular opinion” etc…

If you are not sure how to use the advanced search options on twitter, I recommended that you check out this video by my friend James.

We have covered a lot formats here. I hope this article helps you in crafting killer tweets. So next time when you have a tweet block you know where to look for. Keep this article BOOKMARKED, I will be adding more formats as and when I find them. Happy tweeting!


I would love for you to join me on Twitter. I often tweet about Twitter growth hacks and affiliate marketing tips.
Cheers! Andy

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  2. Andy what a scientific breakdown here buddy. Fabulous job. I slowly but surely engage more on Twitter to gain traction on the platform. I enjoy tweeting. I just need to make a bit more time to engage as I am super busy with my blogging and guest posting schedule.

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