10 Reasons Why You Need To Use Hypefury In 2020 and Beyond

Hypefury is not your regular tweet scheduler app. It is built with the purpose of guiding people with personal brands and businesses to grow their presence on Twitter.

Hypefury is specially designed to manage all the engagement activities with your twitter followers in the most efficient way possible. Check out these top 10 reasons why you need Hypefury in 2020 and beyond If you are serious about your growth on twitter.

1. Ease of Use

Usually the more features an application has less usable it becomes. It is always a trade-off. But Hypefury excels here. It is packed with features without compromising on the usability of the application. 

Hypefury has a very nice user interface with a clean and minimalist design. It makes it really easy for the user to navigate the application and find all the options he/she needs with ease.

2. Helps You Plan your Tweets ahead of Time

Hypefury makes it extremely easy for you to schedule your tweets. If you schedule your tweets at let’s say 2:00 PM, 6:30 PM, it looks robotic. Hypefury proposes time slots for you to schedule your tweets throughout the day.


Why schedule tweets, you ask?

  • You cannot be present on twitter all day.
  • You are a global business and your audience is on a different timezone.
  • Twitter wants you to tweet more and engage more. When you schedule your tweets you can freely engage with others tweets.

Hypefury offers free trial

Hypefury has a 14-day free trial offer. No credit card required. Try it today. I am sure you will love it. 

Sign up for free trial

3. Advanced Tweet features

Write longer twitter Threads

Twitter has a limitation on the number of tweets you can write in a Thread. After you write 25 tweets, you have to publish the tweets before you can add one more tweet to it.

Hypefury removes this limitation and lets you add as many tweets as you would like to a thread before hitting the publish button.

Upload and Schedule tweets in Bulk Via CSV Upload

If you have a list of tweets compiled in a CSV file, you can simply upload the file and Hypefury will populate and schedule all the tweets for you. 

Every line in the CSV file is considered as a new tweet and if the text extends 280 characters, the remaining characters will be treated as new tweet. Hypefury does this all for you automatically.

CSV upload is a super simple way to schedule your tweets in bulk. See it in action below!

4. Advanced Scheduling Features

Schedule retweet of Your Tweets

Twitter has an inbuilt capability to schedule your tweets. But there is no way you can schedule Retweets. 

Hypefury gives all the advanced options of Retweet to make your tweets reach more people. You can retweet tweets based on their popularity and impression. Hypefury recommends all the best ways for you to get more engagement on your tweets.

Schedule Threads

Threads are a great way to establish your authority on a particular topic. It leads to greater engagement and more followers.

With Hypefury you can compile and schedule your thread of tweets with great ease.

5. Keep your Timeline Active with Evergreen Posts

Did you know? Twitter penalizes you if you are inactive for a long time. As your engagement rate drops, your tweets will be less and less likely to be recommended by Twitter. 

Hypefury lets you create a curated list of your most popular tweets. It auto-retweets them whenever there is an empty slot on your schedule. 

This way Hypefury will always keep your timeline active and thus keep a check on your engagement rate.


6. Tweet Block? Inspiration from Your Previous Tweets

We often have days, when we don’t know what to tweet anymore. Hypefury prompts some of your previously successful tweets for inspiration whenever you have writer’s block. It comes as very handy. Trust me!


By the way, I have also written an article on crafting killer tweets. I feature and analyze some of the popular and successful tweet formats here.

7. Smooth Gumroad Integration

Hypefury has a smooth integration with the popular Sales platform Gumroad. Integration is quite simple to setup.
Once done you can see your earnings from Gumroad without having to leave Hypefury.  I see some good things coming here in this space.


8. Share Your tweets on Instagram automatically

With this feature You can share your tweets as post on Instagram automatically. Re-purposing the same content on two platforms. 

9. Actively Listens to The Community and Regularly Adds New Features

Hypefury has a great presence on twitter and they actively listen to suggestions and feature requests. 
And they regularly release updates and features based on the priority and suggestions.


Hypefury also has a Community built right inside the application where you can post articles, questions, have discussion. Very useful to get help quickly and brainstorm ideas.

10. Hypefury School - Best Resources For Twitter Growth

Hypefury recommends you curated content from some of the biggest accounts on twitter. You can learn from the best on how you can grow your twitter.

If you are serious about your growth on Twitter, I highly recommend that give Hypefury a try! If you have any questions on your twitter growth, feel free to post your questions below. I will be happy to answer them for you.


I would love for you to join me on Twitter. I often tweet about Twitter growth hacks and affiliate marketing tips.
Cheers! Andy

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